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Computer Generated Art produced in Photoshop using reference photos shot by the artist. All images printed on artists quality canvas.
All prints on this page are priced at $50.00 plus shipping and handling.
For information on larger sizes contact the artist.
 Boundary Waters Morning.   "8 x "32
Boundary Waters Dreaming.  "8 x "25

Grand Tetons River Conflict   "8 x "28
Challenger of the Tetons.  "8 X "32
Mt. Moran River Trip.  "8 x "25
Mt. Rushmore Universe.  "8 x "26
Soaring Over Mt. Rushmore.  "8 x " 26
On The Move.  Tetons Prong Horns   "8 x "25
Sacred White Buffalo.  "8 x "24
Norwesters.  "8 x "21
Master Of His Realm  "8 x "28
Lake Lucerne. Switzerland   "8 x "30
Mt. Rushmore on the Fourth.  "8 x "26
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