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Welcome to the fine art gallery of Keith Grove
​While my company name reflects my life-long interest in nature and wildlife, it represents only a small part of my "artistic repertoire."  After decades as a commercial illustrator and wildlife artist, there is hardly any subject that I haven't painted, including a great number of illustrations and portraits of family members and pets.

I  work primarily in alkyd oils and a style that is described as "realistic impressionism" that enables me to capture likenesses and detail of the subject, yet has a painterly, fine art quality.

I invite you to select a giclee print of one of my paintings, or contact me to discuss a commissioned portrait or an original painting of any subject that is of interest to you.
Contact Us
​Original oil paintings inspired by nature and wildlife - Portrait commissions - Fine art prints - Illusrtation.
All of my original paintings are produced with alkyd oils on professional quality, twelve - ounce linen canvas and
mounted on heavy-duty wooden stretcher bars.  Each work is then sprayed with several coats of Damar varnish for long lasting vibrancy and durability.
Giclees are accurate copies of original paintings that are produced on a large-format, ink jet printer using professional
quality Epson Premium Satin Canvas.  This printing process is one of the most accurate and precise methods of 

Prior to printing, the artwork is digitally photographed and downloaded into a computer.  The image is compared to the original art and, if necessary, color corrected to precisely match the original painting.  The computer then guides the ​printer's ink nozzles to spray millions of droplets per second onto the canvas to create a print that is as vibrant as the original.  The print is then mounted on wooden stretcher bars and clear coated for durability and protection from ultra violet rays. 
Original Oil Paintings
Giclee Canvas Prints