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Ridge Line Challenge    original oil  18"x 56"
Canvas prints  16"x56" $110.00

The Intruder     
original oil 20"x 66" 
Canvas Prints
16"x 52" $110.00
Northwood's Tranquility       original oil  20"x 56"
Canvas prints
16"x 46" $110.00
Dawn's Early Light  original oil  18"x 56" 
Canvas prints
16"x 50" $110.00
original oil  20"x 56"
Canvas prints
16"x 45" $110.00
 Art Gallery 1
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Running The Rapids
​original oil  18"x"60 Canvas prints
16"x 54" $110.00

Giclee canvas prints of all works are
​available in a variety of sizes.  Please
contact the artist for information on
original art availability and pricing. 

Welcome to the fine art gallery of original oil paintings by Keith Grove