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Ridge Line Challenge    original oil  18"x 56"
Canvas prints  16"x56" $110.00

The Intruder     
original oil 20"x 66" 
Canvas Prints
16"x 52" $110.00
Northwood's Tranquility       original oil  20"x 56"
Canvas prints
16"x 46" $110.00
Dawn's Early Light  original oil  18"x 56" 
Canvas prints
16"x 50" $110.00
original oil  20"x 56"
Canvas prints
16"x 45" $110.00
 Art Gallery 1
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Running The Rapids
​original oil  18"x"60 Canvas prints
16"x 54" $110.00

Giclee canvas prints of all works are
​available in a variety of sizes.  Please
contact the artist for information on
original art availability and pricing. 

Welcome to the fine art gallery of original oil paintings and canvas prints by Keith Grove.
All  original oil paintings on this page are available for sale at the price of $1000.00 each unframed plus shipping. Canvas prints are available for sale as priced. Contact the artist for information.