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Commissioned original oil paintings or computer generated art. 
An original oil portrait is as treasured today as it has been for centuries and is considered
 one of the most prestigious and unique ways to create a family heirloom that commemorates
 an endeared member of your family or a favorite pet.

My painting technique is based on years of experience in the art field and extensive training
with Richard Lack, a renowned artist and founder of Atelier Lack in Minneapolis that 
specializes in teaching classical realism as practiced by the old masters.

The painting technique I use today is referred to as "realistic impressionism."  Although I 
prefer to work from photographs rather than live subjects, the results are the same.  The real
subject after all, is " light."   What an artist actually paints is the effect of light as it falls across
the form, this is why it is called impressionism.  It is the discipline of observing, analyzing
and applying paint with accurate hand-eye coordination. 

My paintings are produced with alkyd oils on museum-quality, linen canvas and varnished to insure lasting color and longevity.  They are mounted on heavy-duty stretcher bars for strength and ease of framing. 

Since photo quality can impact the degree of difficulty in achieving an accurate likeness in a portrait, I prefer to work form professional grade photos.  However, if necessary, I can enhance the quality of a photo with the computer.   Any changes and other details will be fully discussed with each customer prior to starting the work. 

Completion time for a basic 20"x 28" portrait is approximately three to six weeks depending on the complexity of the subject and background.  Works in larger sizes, different proportions and with more than one subject in the same painting would, of course, extend completion time and be estimated on an individual bases.  
Base price for an unframed, full-color, 20"x 28" portrait featuring a single human figure against a traditional background is $1000.  The same size portrait of a pet with a simple background is $700.   Please contact the artist for an estimate on portraits in larger sizes, with two or more subjects, and complex backgrounds.  Original oil paintings of landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, architectural images and other subjects will also be estimated on the bases of complexity and size. 
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