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Art Gallery 4
Wild Apparitions 
original oil  42"x 22"
Canvas Prints
32"x 16" $50.00
Inbound to Seward                original oil  18"x 24"
Canvas Prints  20" x 28" 50.00
Mountain Caribou                  original oil  18"x 24"
Canvas Prints 21"x 28" $50.00
Shadows and Frost         original oil  26"x 36"
Canvas Prints   20"x 30" $40.00
Great Blue Herons                        original oil  26"x 40"
Canvas Prints 20"x 31" $40.oo
Denali                                  original oil  28"x 40"
Canvas Prints 21"x 30 $40.00
January Thaw                   original oil  28"x 40" 
Canvas Prints 21"x 30" $40.00
Journey Through Time        original oil 26"x 40"
Canvas Prints  21"x 33" $40.00
​Early Snowfall               original oil 22"x 48"
Canvas Prints   21"x 44" 50.00
Warm Breeze                                    original oil  20"x 42"
Canvas Prints  20"x 46" $50.00
Welcome to page four my fine art gallery
Talkeetna Crossing                      original oil  20'x 42"
Prints   20"x 42" 40.00
Prices include shipping and handling and sales tax where applicable.
​Mountain Spirit             original oil 20"x 38"
Canvas Prints  20"x 38"  $80.00
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For custom sizes contact the artist directly.